4-Minute Wash & Fold Service


Too much laundry and too little time? We can help! How does 4 minutes of your time sound?

That’s all the time you have to put into your laundry with us: 

2 minutes to drop off and 2 minutes to pick up!

General information:

  • The hours for the 4-Minute Wash & Fold service are 7 AM – 7 PM every day.
  • Same day drop off service…in before 9 AM – ready by 5 PM.
  • Dedicated parking space for quick service when dropping off and picking up laundry.
  • Clothes are sorted and we use chlorine bleach on whites unless otherwise requested.
  • All clothes are washed separately. We never mix customers’ clothes.
  • We always use first grade detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets.
  • All clothes will be neatly folded and bagged.
  • At your request, pants and shirts can be hung on hangers. Please bring your own hangers.
  • Special instructions and preferences will be followed and maintained for future visits.
  • Click to view the Suds & Bubbles Terms of Service.


Our prices are based on our cost and the time it takes to wash, dry, and fold each individual order. Some garments require more than one wash cycle and certain items require additional drying due to the type of fabric and thickness of the materials. This method of pricing is more fair to all customers than a “set fee” or “by the pound” pricing.

Our base prices are as follows:

  • Outer wear, personal garments, towels, and washcloths
    • 1 load:   $16 – if it fits loosely in our 2 load machine
    • 2 loads: $18 – more clothes, but still fits in our 2 load machine
    • 3 loads: $22 – if it fits loosely in our 4-load machine
    • 4 loads: $26 – more clothes, but still fits in our 4-load machine
    • 5 loads: $30 – one load in our 4-load machine and one to two loads in our 2-load machine
    • 6 loads: $34 – one full load in our 6-load machine
  • Comforters/Quilts
    • Twin: $12
    • Queen: $14
    • King: $16
  • Sheet sets
    • Twin: $5
    • Full/Queen/King: $6
  • Blankets (regular blanket weight)
    • Twin: $9
    • Full: $10
    • Queen/King: $12
  • Rugs/misc items by the load
    • 2-load machine: $16
    • 4-load machine: $21
    • 6-load machine: $30
  • Ironing is available (next-day service)
    • Outer wear from sizes Small to X-Large: $1.25 per item
    • Outer wear from sizes 1X-Large and up: $1.50 per item


  • Same-day service available upon request.
  • The number of items that constitute a “load” will be determined by the laundry attendant.
  • Prices subject to change beyond standard sizes, fabrics, and the degree to which items are soiled.

We are committed to the highest level of service to you, our customer!
We appreciate your business!